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      Domestic offices are located in Beijing, Shanghai,Nanjing,Chongqing,Jinan,Wuhan,Shenyang and Fuzhou.

      ❖ Foreign offices are located in Vietnam (Ho chi minh), Philippines (Manila), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpar), Australia (Sydney), South Africa(Cape Town), Nigeria(Lagos), Spain(Madrid), Brazil(St Paul) and Chile(Santiago)

      ❖ There are engineers in the offices, professionally deal with the problems customers met.

      ❖ The engineers are good at the maintenance of Refrigeration system,electric system and mechanical system, they can resolve the problems within 12hrs.

      Offices store maintenance tools and parts for long.


      Service contents

      ❖ Company hold the lectures on equipment operation and maintenance every year, then customers know the faults and resolutions.

      ❖ We can train customers in the specific subjects as per customers’ requirements.

      ❖ The engineers will tell customers how to operate after equipment was installed.

      ❖ After sales team is able to judge the situation of machine by email and video customers supplied.

      ❖ The maintenance are as follow: clean the condenser and water supply system, add lubricating oil for reducer, check the blade if loose, check the high voltage and low voltage of refrigeration system, check electric control system.





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